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about loneminded
We are a small independent video game developer based in London, UK.

Formed in April 2017 by James Hunt, Loneminded has gone on to release three titles across various platforms, including PC, Xbox, Nintendo & PlayStation.

We strive to improve with every release without expanding our scope to an unrealistic standard and while staying true to our roots, this allows us to bring solid, polished experiences to market for our players to truly enjoy.
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What We Are About


We like to be transparent with our work, engaging with our audiences frequently and supporting our industry friends


We are passionate about creating polished, fun video game experiences that players, old and new, can pick up and truly enjoy.


We incorporate community feedback at all stages of game design, from inception to post-release. Community feedback has been a driving factor of all Loneminded titles to-date, something we hope to continue as future titles are added to the Loneminded catalogue.

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